Press Release —Local September 17, 2019

IOM Launches New Online Medical Appointment System

Abuja - The International Organization for Migration (IOM) recently launched a new online medical appointment system, MyMedical. Nigerians traveling abroad can now use the platform to schedule their pre-departure health assessments online. They can also access information concerning their upcoming health assessments on MyMedical, as well as contact information for IOM Migration Health Assessment Centres (MHACs) worldwide.

More specifically, migrants who need to complete a health assessment can use MyMedical to:

    Locate their nearest MHAC View destination country-specific health assessment requirements and procedures Schedule an appointment (selecting their preferred time and date) Manage their appointments Provide feedback to IOM

Launched on 9 September, MyMedical was developed to simplify the appointment process for migrants by providing a quick and convenient means of scheduling pre-departure health assessments with IOM MHACs.

“We are always looking to improve our medical services and ensure that migrants can conveniently schedule their health assessments with us and can also easily inform themselves of the requirements and procedures. Migration health assessments are coherent with the IOM goal of “healthy migrants in healthy communities” and, as such, positively impact on migrants’ capacity to integrate fully into receiving societies,” said Dr. Aden Guliye, IOM Nigeria Migration Health Officer.

Earlier this month, IOM commissioned the establishment of new health assessment facilities in Lagos including a brand new laboratory. The new facilities are part of IOM’s activities to support the Nigerian public health department in promoting safe and regular migration, discourage irregular migration and human trafficking, as well as strengthen migration governance structures in the country. Since January 2014 IOM staff perform migration health assessments in two assessment centres in Abuja and Lagos for visa applicants to the UK, Canada, Australia, USA and New Zealand.

Migration health assessments are among the most well-established migration management services offered by IOM. At the request of receiving country governments, IOM provides an evaluation of the physical and mental health status of migrants prior to their departure for the purpose of resettlement, international employment, enrolment in specific migrant assistance programmes, or for obtaining a temporary or permanent visa.

Migration health assessments have many benefits, including the early detection and treatment of conditions of individual and public health concern, safer travel and the prevention of negative health events during travel or on arrival at host communities. Additionally, they serve to protect the health of both migrants and host communities and reduce the expected demand for domestic health and social services.

Migrants can also schedule pre-departure health assessments on their mobile phones with IOM’s mobile app, MigApp.

For more information, please contact Jorge Galindo at IOM Nigeria, Tel: +234 906 2739168, Email: